Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jual tanah kepada anak, S'wak rugi lebih RM300 juta


Sebuah syarikat yang dimiliki oleh anak-anak Ketua Menteri Sarawak, Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud berjaya memperolehi tiga bidang tanah di Kuching pada harga yang tersangat rendah. Tindakan itu menyebabkan kerajaan negeri itu kehilangan potensi pendapatan RM300 juta.


Ahli parlimen Bandar Kuching Chong Chieng Jen yang membuat pendedahan itu berkata kerajaan negeri telah memperuntukkan seluas 269 ekar di bandaraya itu kepada Monarda Sdn Bhd pada harga yang jauh lebih rendah daripada harga pasaran iaitu pada kadar purata RM291,000 bagi setiap ekar.

"Harga pasaran adalah dalam lingkungan RM1.5 juta dan RM2 juta bagi setiap ekar. Jika dijual secara tender, kerajaan negeri akan memperolehi pendapatan antara RM400 hingga RM500 juta,” katanya kepada Malaysiakini, hari ini.

Sebaliknya, Monarda, yang mempunyai modal berbayar RM100 hanya perlu bayar RM78.28 juta untuk tiga bidang tanah itu,” katanya.

"Kami tuntut kerajaan negeri beri penjelasan penuh dan bertanggung-jawab kepada rakyat Sarawak,” kata Chong yang juga adalah setiausaha DAP Sarawak.
Modal berbayar RM100

Tiga bidang tanah itu terletak bersebelahan lapangan terbang antarabangsa Kuching berhampiran Stutong. Terdapat pangkalan tentera udara di lokasi yang sama.

Monarda diterajui oleh ank sulung Taib - Abu Bekir, yang memegang 52 saham dan seorang yang dikenali sebagai Choong Sun Nam, yang memiliki 12 saham.
Pemegang saham lain termasuk, anak perempuan Taib - Jamilah dan Hanifah Hajar, serta menantunya Anisa Hamidah Abdullah, yang masing-masing juga memegang 12 saham.

Chong, yang mengesan kaitan keluarga Taib itu melalui semakan pendaftaran tanah dan syarikat berkata pengasingan tanah itu adalah yang terbesar pernah dilakukan.

"Tanah ini sekarang adalah kosong dan Monarda tidak menjalankan sebarang urusniaga sejak ia ditubuhkan,” katanya.

Awal tahun ini, tiga aduan dibuat kepada Suruhanjaya Anti Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia yang mendakwa Taib dan keluarganya menggunakan kedudukan mereka bagi menguasai empayar hartanah bernilai RM3 bilion.

Dua dokumen didedahkan di laman sesawang Sarawak Report yang mendakwa Taib menggunakan proksi bagi mengawal kepentingan sebuah syarikat yang berpangkalan di Amerika Syarikat, Sakti International Corporation, yang ketika itu bernilai US$80 juta (RM250 juta).


A Malaysian Saga of Corruption Ignored

On June 4, 1995, Tajudin Ramli, then one of Malaysia's brightest bumiputera, or native Malay stars, was named a Tan Sri, the country's second highest honor, by the country's reigning sultan. At the time he had been the managing director of Malaysian Airline System, Malaysia's nationally owned flag carrier, since July 1, 1994.

Like his friend the former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, the then 49-year-old Tajudin was a native of Alor Setar in Kedah state. He would be the recipient of a long list of national honors including being president of the Malay Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia. He was regarded as a shining example of the bumi businessman that Mahathir wanted to foster to run the country and take the commanding heights of the economy back from the ethnic Chinese.

Unfortunately, according to a long list of whistle-blowers within the airline, he was also involved in looting it of tens of millions of dollars and very nearly putting it into bankruptcy, so that it had to be rescued by the government before he was forced out in 2001. It is a story that has taken years to emerge, and when officials recommended prosecution, they came under fire that nearly ruined their careers and almost put them in jail.

According to allegations in documents made public last week on Malaysia Today, the widely read website of fugitive gadfly Raja Petra Kamarudin, Tajudin colluded with three other MAS officers and directors through two nominee companies, one in Singapore and the other in Hong Kong, to establish a company called Advanced Cargo Logistics GmbH Germany, at Hahn Airport in Frankfurt, Germany, to provide ground-handling services for MAS.

According to a report filed in March of 2007, to then-Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi by Ramli Yusuff, the director of Malaysia's Commercial Crime Investigation Department and an official who seems to have been singularly incorruptible, "Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli was in control of MAS from 1994 to 2001. When he left MAS in 2001, MAS had accumulated losses in excess of RM8 billion (US$2.54 billion). Many projects were made under very suspicious circumstances."

The ACL agreement, Ramli's report said, "was not an arms-length dealing." Evidence showed that all of the directors were closely connected to Tajudin, including Rizana Mohd Daud, Tajudin's sister-in-law, his brother, Bistamam Ramli, and companies owned by Tajudin or his family.

MAS suffered losses of approximately RM10-16 million per month from the moment the government-owned airline began to operate into the Frankfurt airport, according to Ramli's report. "As of November 2000, MAS had suffered RM174 millon in losses." To prevent the airline from going bankrupt, the MAS board closed the Hahn project, only to have ACL sue the airline for RM300 million for breach of contract on the basis that the contract obligated MAS to fly into Hahn for 10 years. Tajudin himself then sued various parties and the government of Malaysia for RM13.6 million.

Ramli recommended a series of charges against Tajudin, Wan Aishah Wan Hamzah, the former MAS director, and others for not declaring their interest in ACL.

"Since ACL is controlled by Tajudin's family companies, it is therefore presumed…that he has used his office and position as Executive Chairman of MAS to benefit ACL when MAS entered into (the agreements,)" the report continued. "This offence is punishable with mandatory imprisonment (up to) 20 years and a fine not less than five times the sum of gratification."

"CCID's investigation has disclosed that there is sufficient evidence to prosecute Tajudin, Wan Aishah and (another official) for all of the above offenses." The case was then handed over to the Malaysian Anti-Corruptin Agency for investigation and possible prosecution.
What happened then was totally unexpected. Instead of preferring charges against Tajudin, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) went after Ramli Yusuff on three separate allegations, all widely reported in the media, that he had not declared his assets as required under Malaysian law despite the fact that he had declared them as required every year since he had been in office. He was also accused of misusing a Malaysian police airplane although on the flight in question he was on duty, in uniform, and escorted by other police officers. Malaysia's mainstream media, all of which are owned by component parties of the national ruling coalition, wrote that Ramli and his family possessed assets worth RM27 million. He was accused of abuse of power for allegedly forcing villagers in the Lahad Datu district of Sabah off their land to allow a company in which he had an interest to take it over.

Officials brought 75 witnesses to testify against Ramli in a Sessions Court in Kota Kinabalu. Ultimately, Ramli would face charges in three different courts as officials appealed his not guilty verdict before he was finally acquitted for good on Aug. 9. Inspector General of Police Musa Hassan, one of the country's top police officials, appeared in the Kota Kinabalu court to testify against Ramli, only to have Judge Supang Lian tell him that his "evidence was incredible and not to be believed."

Attorney General Abdul Gani Patail appealed the Kota Kinabalu ruling to the High Court but lost again before Judge Rahman Sebli, who acquitted Ramli. Finally, Ramli was acquitted earlier this month outright by Judge SM Komathy, for the third time without having to put on a defense.

Ramli, however, wasn't the only one to go before the courts. His lawyer, Rosli Dahlan, who was also the lawyer for the airline itself, prepared Ramli's defense against the criminal charges only to be arrested himself on charges of collaborating with Ramli. At one point, on a pretext that Rosli had mishandled a letter from the MACC, police officers invaded Rosli's office, arrested and handcuffed him, then kept him in a cell overnight, refusing him medical treatment for injuries to his wrists from the handcuffs. They also refused his request to file a report against the arresting officers.

Rosli went to court in January in a court specially created to handle MACC cases, only to have the case fizzle out when a prosecutor announced that neither Rosli nor Ramli had been charged for corruption and that Rosli wasn't a suspect for anything.

"One wonders why, in Allah's name, since Rosli was a witness, did the MACC not interview him nicely or ask for his cooperation?" asked blogger Din Merican. "Why did the MACC abuse, arrest and charge him if they needed his cooperation? Why did the MACC conspire with the mainstream media to widely publicize that Rosli was arrested and charged for hiding assts worth RM27 million? Why after doing all that, then did they on the first day of Rosli's trial the MACC meekly admitted that Rosli was just a witness? Is there something amiss?

For his part, Rosli has charged that the MACC, Bank Negara, the government of Malaysia and the three major newspapers owned by the political parties had conspired with those in power to damage him for his attempts to defend Ramli.

And for his part, Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli remains uninvestigated and uncharged, and a continuing example of bumiputera power at the top of Malaysia's political and social structure.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Should it be Islam first or Malay first?

Lately, we can see than there are parties that are taking advantage on issue related to Malays and Islam. It seems that in Malaysia, Muslim are Malays and Malays are Muslim. That is the main problem here.

Any issue related to Muslim is taken care as if it is a Malay issue. Malays are sensitive because they think that anything insulting Malays means it is insulting Islam. But they are not sensitive of other religions sensitivity when they stepped on the cow head which is the God of Hindu, which in Malaysia ironically refers to Indians. Malaysians have the wrong understanding where they tend to relate certain race with certain religion. Muslim are Malays and Hindu are Indians. There is no where in the Holy Quran stated that Muslim refers to Malay. When a Muslim dies, the angel would not ask what race are you but instead will ask what religion are you?
So, my question is whether should we tackle the Islam sensitive issues from a Malay’s perspective or from a Muslim perspective. If you take it from a Muslim perspective then it will be easy to resolve because your judgment is based on what is best for Islam and what does Islam say about it. But if you tackle the issue based on the Malay’s perspective that is where the all disagreements come from.
 example, the latest issue on Prayer’s for Lim Guan Eng. Even though it is yet to be proven true but let us just make it as a basis for our intellectual discussion.

From Islam point of view, it is not wrong to pray and ask for Allah’s forgiveness for your non Muslim friends. You may pray to Allah asking for good health of a non Muslim friend who might be ill, that is not wrong in Islam. Plus, you can do it anywhere and at anytime, such as after your 5 daily prayers or when you visit him at the hospital. It means that you can also pray for him in any occasion including Friday sermon. That is what Islam says. Every Muslim believes that Islam is a very friendly religion and it teaches us to be good to each and every creature created by Allah.

Now, let us take it from the Malays point of view. Some Malays do not feel comfortable to pray for the good health of his enemy which might be a Muslim or might be a non Muslim. The Malay’s mindset is stuck to Malays are Muslim and Muslim are Malays! They forgot than is it never mentioned even a single word in Al-Quran about Malays. Quran mentions about Arabs and Jews but none about Malays. It means Malays has no special place near to Allah, but Muslims are. So is it right for Muslims to make judgment by prioritizing race rather than Islam? Is the race much more important that the religion of Islam? 
This is the root cause of our Malay Muslim problems in Malaysia today. We need to think Islamically in order to move forward. Islam has never asked Muslim or Malays to treat other race or other religion believers differently. Islam asked Muslim to respect everybody without considering his religion and race. We cannot tackle an Islam related issue using a Malay friendly solution. Your Malays influenced decisions might make some of the Malays happy but in the end you might be punished by Allah as your decision is not based on Islam guidance or it might also go against Islam’s guidance.

So, is it Islam that is root of all the problems or is it the Malay’s mindset that is the main root problem? We have to be rational in order to come up with a rational and fair decision. An Islam related issue must be tackled using Islam guidelines and principles and you can't solve it emotionally or politically. Remember only Muslims in Malaysia are related closely to Malays but around the globe Muslims are from all races and skin colors, yet they are all the same in the eye of Allah, you can see it when the Hajj comes. Malays, Chinese, Indians, African, Arabs and all others races in the world unites in front of Kaabah praying to Allah. It is Islam that matters doesn’t care whether you are a Malay or not!

Monday, August 23, 2010

The police and AG Chambers covered up the fraud in MAS by Tajuddin Ramli & cronies

Tajuddin Ramli bought MAS while the company still have RM600billion cash reserves, but he sold back the company at the same price as when he bought it but the company has RM8billion in accumulated lost.

Read below to know how he did it. How he manipulated and restructured MAS to enable his group of family related companies to make unfavorable deals with MAS. It later led to the down fold of our national air carrier.

This guy has good connections with those in power. Despite many police reports and clear evidence, nothing has been done to charge him. Is this how it should be if Malaysia wants to move forward and compete with other countries? South Korea was once at the same economic level with us, but now their competing with Japan. Malaysia is left far behind!

The word is INTEGRITY at all levels!



Another Former Minister involved in money laundering?

By Rahmah Ghazali

KAPAR: He was allegedly offered RM300,000 to keep his mouth shut about a money laundering scandal, in which former works minister Mohd Zin Mohamed has been implicated.
But when the promise was not kept, businessman Mohamad Tahir Fazal Mohd decided to spill the beans.

According to him, Mohd Zin, who was appointed to the cabinet during former Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's tenure, was allegedly involved in money laundering from a general sales agent in Bangladesh, amounting to RM25 million.

Tahir, who was one of the former minister's business partners, told reporters that he had filed a report about this with the Anti-Corruption Agency (now known as the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) in 2004.

However, he claimed that the ACA did not act because Mohd Zin, who is the MP for Sepang, shared a close rapport with Abdullah.

“The ACA officers told me that they need to get the green light from Pak Lah (Abdullah) first before initiating an investigation,” he said.

'I have the evidence'

As to why he had waited six years to come out in the open, Tahir said he now had all the evidence.

Tahir said the former minister was first involved in illegal money transfer using his position as chairman of Silkways Cargo Services Limited, a Malaysia Airlines representative for ticketing and cargo in Bangladesh.

He added that the minister was not entitled to the money because he was never registered as a chairman or shareholder for the company, as required by Bangladesh's Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.

Tahir said the former minister’s relationship with the company was only based on a secret arrangement signed on Sept 18, 2000 in Kuala Lumpur but was never recognised by the Bangladesh Central Bank.

“He also never registered his name on the Board of Investment of Bangladesh that is required by all foreigners who have interests in companies in the country,” he said.

Tahir also noted that Silkways Cargo managing director in Bangladesh SK Farid Ahmed Manik, who was alleged to have transferred the money to the former minister, was arrested by Bangladeshi authorities in 2007.

“He had given his statutory declaration to the authorities and the media in the same year about his relationship with the former minister and how he had illegally transferred money to him,” he said.

Prepared to be sued

Tahir also accused the former minister of “cheating” Malaysia Airlines by providing a Directors Personal Guarantee in 2001 although “he knew that he was not the registered director for the company.”

“And how could Malaysia Airlines not know about this?” he asked, adding that the former minister’s men had tried to “bribe” him in order to keep silent.

“When he (the former minister) was contesting for a seat in the Umno supreme council in 2005, I had threatened to distribute the evidence to the delegates. I was offered money to keep quiet, but was never paid a single sen,” he said.

Tahir also stressed that he was prepared to be sued if the allegations were false, but warned, “I have all the evidence.”

Kapar MP S Manikavasagam, who was also present, urged the authorities to take action, adding that the evidence would be submitted to MACC this Thursday.

Despite numerous attempts, Mohd Zin, now the Sepang MP, could not be reached for comment. Previously, he had denied any wrongdoing.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Letter to Prime Minister on MAS RM8billion lost by Tajuddin Ramli

In seven years, Tajuddin Ramli turned a profitable airline company that had more than half a billion ringgit in cash reserves into a company that was RM8 billion in deficit. In March 2007, the head of the CCID, Ramli Yusuff, wrote to the Prime Minister, going into great detail about what happened. But it was Ramli and not Tajuddin who was dragged before the courts on various fabricated charges -- where he was acquitted without his defence being called.

Raja Petra Kamarudin


Friday, August 20, 2010

Konspirasi Musa Hassan gagal! Datuk Ramli Yusuff bebas semua tuduhan!

Nampaknya cubaan ketiga Tan Sri Musa Hassan untuk menjatuhkan bekas bosnya gagal. Datuk Ramli Yusuff dibebaskan daripada semua 3 tuduhan. Nampak sangat Musa Hassan & SPRM diperbodoh-bodohkan sepanjang perbicaraan. Kes ini adalah rekaan mereka semata-mata. Kita telah menyaksikan bagaimana Pegawai SPRM sendiri yang menjadi saksi pendakwa tidak setuju dengan pertuduhan yang dibuat. Jawapan beliau semasa disoal di mahkamah telah memalukan SPRM. 

Jika anda ingin tahu lebih lanjut baca posting2 yang terdahulu kerana kes ini tidak dipaparkan di akhbar-akhbar tempatan.


Bekas pengarah jabatan jenayah komersial (JSJK) di Ibupejabat Polis Bukit Aman, Datuk Ramli Yusoff akhirnya dapat menarik nafas lega selepas Mahkamah Sesyen hari ini membebaskan beliau daripada tuduhan ketiga yang merupakan tuduhan terakhir terhadapnya.

Mahkamah Sesyen Kuala Lumpur melepaskan dan membebaskan, Ramli daripada tuduhan memegang jawatan dalam sebuah syarikat pertanian ketika masih seorang penjawat awam, empat tahun lalu.

Sementara itu Bernama melaporkan, Hakim S.M Komathy Suppiah membuat keputusan itu selepas mendapati pihak pendakwaan gagal membuktikan kes prima facie terhadap Ramli, 57.

Mengikut pertuduhan, Ramli didakwa menjadi pengarah dalam syarikat Kinsajaya Sdn Bhd (Kinsajaya) ketika masih Pengarah JSJK, Bukit Aman.

Sebagai seorang penjawat awam, dia terikat dengan Peraturan 5(1) (a) Peraturan Pegawai Awam Kelakuan dan Tatatertib (Pindaan) 2002 iaitu penjawat awam tidak dibenarkan mengambil apa-apa bahagian dalam sebarang jenis perniagaan.

Dia yang dituduh pada 1 November 2007, didakwa melakukan kesalahan itu pada 2 Mei 2006, mengikut Seksyen 168 Kanun Keseksaan yang membawa hukuman maksimum penjara setahun atau denda atau kedua-duanya, jika sabit kesalahan.

Komathy, dalam penghakimannya berkata selepas meneliti keterangan dan bukti yang dikemukakan iaitu Penyata Laporan dan Kewangan Syarikat Kinsajaya bertarikh 20 Jun 2006 telah menunjukkan tertuduh bukan pengarah syarikat itu.

"Berdasarkan bukti penyata itu, pengarah sebenar syarikat berkenaan adalah milik Rohmah@Hasmah Yusoff iaitu kakaknya dan adiknya, Roslina kerana terdapat tandatangan mereka pada penyata itu.

"Mahkamah bersetuju dengan pihak pembelaan bahawa tiada bukti kewujudan aktiviti jual-beli yang dilakukan bagi membuktikan syarikat itu masih aktif. Ini menunjukkan maksud perniagaan itu tidak berlaku," katanya.

Beliau yang diwakili peguam Datuk Seri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah yang turut ditemani rakan-rakan, melahirkan rasa gembira dan syukur atas keputusan mahkamah itu.

Pendakwaan dikendalikan oleh Timbalan Pendakwa Raya dari Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) Ahmad Bache, yang mengemukakan 13 saksi sepanjang prosiding itu.

Pada 12 Mac lalu, Mahkamah Sesyen di sini melepaskan dan membebaskan Ramli daripada tiga pertuduhan gagal mengisytiharkan kepentingannya dalam dua hartanah bernilai lebih RM1 juta dan pemilikan saham.

Mahkamah Sesyen Kota Kinabalu, Sabah pada 27 Julai tahun lalu turut melepaskan dan membebaskan Ramli daripada tuduhan menyalah guna kuasanya.

agi tuduhan salah guna kuasa, Ramli yang pernah memegang jawatan sebagai Pesuruhjaya Polis Sabah didakwa mengeluarkan arahan dan menggunakan pesawat Cessna Caravan CE 208-9M-PSQ milik Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) untuk membawanya meninjau tanah di Ulu Tungku, Lahad Datu.

Ramli didakwa memiliki kepentingan dalam Kinsajaya yang dikatakan mempunyai pelaburan di tanah berkenaan.

Dia didakwa melakukan perbuatan tersebut pada pukul 7.50 pagi, 15 Jun 2007 di Pangkalan Unit Udara Polis Tanjung Aru, Sabah.

- Bernama


Senior General Manager Cargo of MAS, made a police report alleging that Tajuddin Ramli entered into many fraudulent contracts

In May 2005, Dato’ Ong Jyh Jong, the Senior General Manager Cargo of MAS, made a police report (12532/05) at the Dang Wangi Police Station alleging that Tajuddin Ramli entered into many fraudulent contracts. The police report was made on the instructions of MAS’s Board of Directors. One such contract involves Advanced Cargo Logistics of Germany, which is a company owned by Tajuddin himself.

Raja Petra Kamarudin


Thursday, August 19, 2010

KUDOS! Penang recorded RM1.52B in investment in Q1 & Q2 2010

3 out of 5 states that receive highest investment in Malaysia is Pakatan Rakyat states!

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng announced that Penang is one of the top five states in Malaysia in terms of achieving highest investment in Malaysia. Incidentally, three of the states belong to Pakatan Rakyat.

The other two are Selangor and Kedah. According to the figures from MIDA, Penang recorded a total investment of RM1.52B in Q1 and Q2 of 2010. CM Lim said the target set for Penang is RM4.2B and hence, the state will work hard to try to achieve this figure.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Teoh bukan bunuh diri, kata Pornthip

Ahli patologi forensik Thailand, Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand mula memberi keterangan di bangunan mahkamah di Shah Alam, jam 9.31 pagi bagi menyambung keterangan inkues kematian Teoh Beng Hock.

Beliau menceritakan penemuan dan kesimpulannya berhubung bedah siasat kedua yang dijalankan.

Lawyer letter from MAS to SPRM asking to take action on Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli

Thus far we have come out with two reports on the MAS scandal. Just in case the MACC Chief tries to plead ignorance, we are going to show you a copy of the letter that he received from the lawyers acting on behalf of MAS. This letter was smuggled out of the MACC office. You can see the ‘pointing finger’ stamp plus the acknowledged receipt chop and signature.

Raja Petra Kamarudin


Monday, August 16, 2010

MAS minta SPRM siasat Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli

malaSalinan Laporan Polis dan Surat MAS kepada SPRM meminta Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli disiasat atas dakwaan rasuah yang menyaksikan kejatuhan MAS.

On 20th May 2009, Malaysian Airlines (MAS) wrote to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and lodged a report (no. 119/2009) with regards to an act of corruption by its previous Executive Chairman, Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli, which MAS asked the MACC to investigate.  The MACC report also refers to two previous police reports made on 4th January 2002 and 4th May 2004.

Raja Petra Kamarudin


AG Gani Patail affair with Head of International Affairs Division Azailiza Mohd Ahad?

Aiyah! Prosecution star witness Saiful Bukhari Azlan bonking DPP Farah Azlina Latif. Then Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak aide Khairil Annas Jusoh bonking Saiful Bukhari Azlan. And now the AG himself bonking Head of International Affairs Division Azailiza Mohd Ahad.

Raja Petra Kamarudin

Today, the Associated Press reported, "A Malaysian judge said Monday he considered allegations of an affair between a government prosecution lawyer and the man who accused opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim of sodomy to be true but the relationship did not compromise the case."

Okay, the issue here is that the court has no doubt that the allegation that deputy public prosecutor Farah Azlina Latif is having an affair with the prosecution’s key witness in the Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy II trial is true. The court is not concerned with whether an affair is going on or not. It is only concerned with whether the affair would compromise the trial.

In other words, is their any ‘pillow talk’ going on in between the bonking? And the court is convinced there is no pillow talk, just hardcore bonking. So there is no miscarriage of justice and therefore the charge against Anwar need not be dropped.

Why does the Attorney General not want to confirm or deny the allegation that a member of his team is bonking the prosecution’s key witness? Would it not be easy if he just denied it and solve the entire problem?
He is not prepared to risk his neck, first of all, because he knows it is true and he knows that if he tries to deny it more shit is going to hit the fan. But more importantly, he is worried that if he denies it then we would bring out another allegation of an affair, this time involving him and Datuk Azailiza binti Mohd Ahad, the Head of the International Affairs Division of the Attorney General’s Chambers.

Yes, everyone knows about this affair. It is no secret. The AG and Azailiza make frequent trips overseas together and, to save the taxpayers’ some money, they share a hotel room rather than book separate rooms.
Aiyah! Prosecution star witness Saiful Bukhari Azlan bonking DPP Farah Azlina Latif. Then Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak aide Khairil Annas Jusoh bonking Saiful Bukhari Azlan. And now the AG himself bonking Head of International Affairs Division Azailiza Mohd Ahad.

There appears to be a hell of a lot of bonking going on in the Palace of Justice. And with the Chief Justice illegally marrying a second wife in Thailand and then destroying the evidence to escape prosecution, like our Member of Parliament from Sabah, it makes one wonder how they even have enough time to prepare for the court cases.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

UMNO tindas kontraktor Melayu

Bukti bergambar UMNO tindas kontraktor Melayu



Dokumen dakwa MAS rugi RM8 bil didedah

Bekas pengerusi Syarikat Penerbangan Malaysia (MAS) Tan Sri Tajuddin Ramli mungkin dilindungi pihak tertentu menyebabkan beliau bebas daripada pendakwaan akibat kerugian didakwa sebanyak RM8 bilion, dakwa PAS.

Naib presidennya Salahuddin Ayub (kiri) mendakwa demikian hari ini ketika mendedahkan beberapa dokumen berhubung kerugian yang didakwa dialami syarikat tersebut.

Salahuddin berkata dokumen tersebut antara lainnya merupakan sepucuk surat oleh ketua Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Komersil Datuk Ramli Yusuff yang menyarankan kepada perdana menteri, bentuk pendakwaan yang boleh dikenakan kepada Tajuddin.

Beliau turut mendedahkan aduan yang dibuat oleh MAS kepada polis dan SPRM pada 2009 berhubung kerugian yang didakwa berkait dengan tindakan Tajuddin.

Tambahnya, beliau telah menghubungi pengerusi Jawatankuasa Khas Parlimen Mengenai Rasuah yang dianggotainya supaya mengadakan mesyuarat khas tergembar membincangkan kes itu.

Jelasnya, dokumen itu diedarkan kepada kesemua anggota jawatankuasa khas itu.

Beliau yang juga ahli parlimen Kubang Kerian berkata, beliau sedang menimbangkan sama ada perlu membuat satu lagi laporan kepada Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) ataupun pihak polis.

Beliau juga menuntut perdana menteri supaya mengambil tindakan tegas dalam skandal ini yang disifatkannya hampir menyamai saiz skandal PKFZ.


COO Pempena didakwa pecah amanah

Apa yang menarik tentang kes ini adalah ia melibatkan kakak kepada adik-beradik Azwan Ali (selebriti) & Azmin Ali (Ahli Parlimen PKR), Ummi Hafilda yang pernah dituduh menerima bayaran dalam konspirasi Sodomy I untuk menjatuhkan DS Anwar Ibrahim pada tahun 1998.

Ketua pegawai operasi (COO) anak syarikat kementerian pelancongan - Pempena Sdn Bhd - Mohammad Rosly Md Selamat didakwa atas tuduhan pecah amanah kerana menaja konsert tanpa pengetahuan lembaga pengarah.

Beliau didakwa bersama bekas pengawal kewangan Lim Khing Thai kerana memberikan RM160,770 "dengan niat jahat" kepada Ummi Hafilda Ali untuk penganjuran konsert pada 15 Ogos 2006.

Beliau didakwa di bawah Seksyen 409 Kanun Keseksaan di Mahkamah Sesyen Kuala Lumpur hari ini.

Jika sabit kesalahan beliau boleh dikenakan hukuman penjara tidak lebih dua tahun dan melebihi 20 tahun. Dia juga boleh disebat.

Hakim Rozana Ali Yusof menetapkan ikatjamin sebanyak RM20,000 seorang.

Mohammad Rosly juga diarahkan menyerahkan pasport selepas pulang daripada pertemuan keluarga di Melbourne pada 6 September. Manakala Lim menyerahkannya pasportnya hari ini.

Lim telah meletakkan jawatan pada Disember tahun lalu selepas sembilan tahun berkhidmat.

Sebutan kes tersebut ditetapkan pada 6 September.
Rosly dan Lim masing-masing diwakili oleh peguam Rejinder Singh Dhaliwal dan Chau Wei. Manakala timbalan pendakwa raya ialah Muhamad Anas Mahadzir.

Menurut borang aduan Badan Pencegah Rasuah pada 2009, ia mempunyai maklumat bahawa pegawai Pempena telah menerima rasuah dari Ummi Hafilda bagi penajaan sebuah konsert bernilai RM300,000.

Konsert tersebut adalah untuk penyanyi dari Timur Tengah, Amir Diab, di Kuala Lumpur City Centre dan Stadium Negara.

Ummi Hafilda - yang pernah mendapat jolokan nama "Monica Lewinsky Malaysia" - pernah memberi keterangan dalam kes rasuah dan kes liwat yang membabitkan mantan timbalan perdana menteri, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim pada 1999.
Sementara itu, ketua pengarah Kementerian Pelancongan, Datuk Mirza Mohammad Taiyab, dijangka didakwa petang ini atas tuduhan berkaitan, petang ini.
Tahun lalu, Mirza dibebaskan daripada tuduhan menerima imbuhan dalam bentuk penjagaan gigi bernilai RM13,860.

Tuduhan terhadap Pempena pertama kali muncul pada 2 Julai 2008. Malaysiakini melaporkan mengenai memorandum kakitangan Pempena kepada menteri pelancongan ketika itu, Datuk Azalina Othman, mendakwa berlaku rasuah dan pecah amanah oleh dua pegawai kanan syarikat berkenaan.

Antara lain mereka didakwa menerima komisyen apabila membiayai semula kenderaan untuk perkhidmatan teksi mewah, meluluskan beberapa kontrak kepada syarikat RM2 dan kos berlebihan untuk mewujudkan sebuah portal e-pelancongan sekitar RM5 juta.
Beberapa hari kemudian, Azalina memberitahu Dewan Rakyat bahawa satu siasatan dalaman sedang dijalankan. Pada 3 November, beliau mendedahkan bahawa audit PriceWaterhouse Coopers (PWC) telah mengesahkan urusan Pempena yang 'meragukan'.

Laporan siasatan PWC, yang didedahkan oleh ahli parlimen Ipoh Timur Lim Kit Siang MP pada bulan November tahun tersebut, menyatakan bahawa sehingga Jun 2008, Pempena telah melabur RM54.5 juta dalam 24 syarikat, tetapi hanya empat yang memberi keuntungan.

PWC juga menyatakan, sehingga November 2008, projek perkhidmatan teksi mewah (Pets) yang menelan belanja RM18.3 juta, mengalami kerugian sehingga RM7.8 juta.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nota akhir: Keluarga nafi tulisan, tandatangan Teoh

Keluarga mendiang Teoh Beng Hock melahirkan “rasa tidak puas hati, marah dan kecewa” berhubung tindakan Peguam Negara untuk mengemukakan satu nota misteri sebagai bukti ketika inkues bagi menentukan kematian pembantu politik itu hampir kepada penghujungnya.

Dalam satu kenyataan keras yang dikeluarkan di Melaka, keluarga Teoh berkata tindakan Peguam Negara itu amat dicurigai dan menggesa kerajaan mendapatkan pakar tulisan bagi menentukan ketulenan nota berkenaan.

"AG tidak melihat penderitaan kami. Hampir lebih setahun, kami terpaksa berulang-alik dari Melaka ke Shah Alam untuk menghadiri inkues berkenaan,” petik kenyataan itu.

"Jika inkues dimulakan semula, bagaimana kami sebagai satu keluarga mampu melalui penderitaan ini sekali lagi? Adakah AG sengaja cuba menghalang kami daripada menjalani kehidupan seharian?”

Menurut keluarga Teoh, AG memaklumkan bahawa pejabatnya telah memiliki nota berkenaan sejak Oktober tahun lalu tetapi mengapa nota itu tidak dirujuk kepada ahli keluarga Teoh, mahupun peguam mereka.

"Kami menghadiri inkues itu sepanjang tahun. Mengapa mereka tidak memohon bantuan kami? AG hanya mencari alasan (untuk melenggah-lenggah),” kata keluarga itu.

Keluarga Teoh juga mengulangi dakwaan bahawa tulisan dan tandatangan pada nota itu adalah berlainan berbanding yang dimiliki Teoh.

Pada 9 Ogos lalu, inkues yang sedang berlangsung ditangguhkan kepada 18 Ogos, selepas perbincangan semua pihak terbabit di kamar koroner.

Ia dipercayai berhubung spekulasi terdapat nota yang didakwa tinggalan daripada Teoh yang merupakan 'bukti terakhir'.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Guthrie Berhad lost US$41 million case in the Indonesian Supreme Court, bribing court and land office officials in Kalimantan

Guthrie Berhad has lost a case in the Indonesian Supreme Court in excess of US$25 million, which has now ballooned to US$41 million, and the Indonesian Parliament was told that the Malaysian government-owned company is bribing court and land office officials in Kalimantan to prevent execution proceedings

Raja Petra Kamarudin

A prominent Indonesian advocate, John K. Azis, acts in many high profile cases such as defending Tommy Suharto. He spoke of “kejengkelan Indonesia atas kebiadapan Malaysia” (Indonesia’s disgust over Malaysia’s insolence) with regards to the case of Guthrie Berhad that had lost a case in the Indonesian Supreme Court in excess of US$25 million, which has now ballooned to US$41 million.
[See the Judgment of the Supreme Court below]. 

Instead of paying up, Guthrie Berhad, now under Sime Darby, is blocking execution for the payment of that judgment.

This matter has now been raised in the Indonesian Parliament and Parliament was told that the Malaysian government-owned company is bribing court and land office officials in Kalimantan to prevent execution proceedings.

There is widespread anger about “syarikat gergasi Malaysia yang dimiliki kerajaan tidak menghormati hukum Indonesia” (Malaysian government-owned conglomerate's disrespect for Indonesian laws).

To the Indonesians, the fact that Guthrie Berhad is a GLC implies that it is the Malaysian government that is showing affront to the Indonesian government.

[Read the news item by Rakyat Merdeka below].

John Azis made an ominous remark that Malaysia’s reluctance to assist the Indonesian party may impact Malaysian businesses -- for example companies like CIMB, which is owned by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s brother.


DPR Mau Bongkar Permainan Hukum BUMN Malaysia
DPR menyatakan kesiapannya membongkar sengketa hukum perdata yang kini tengah bergulir antara PT. Adhiyasa Saranamas, perusahaan mediasi berbendera Indonesia, dengan Kumpulan Guthrie Berhad, salah satu BUMN milik Kerajaan Malaysia.
Kesiapan itu disampaikan anggota Komisi III DPR dari Partai Golkar, Nudirman Munir. Kepada Rakyat Merdeka kemarin. “Kalau sudah mentok, karena aparat hukum menggunakan tangan besi, silakan bawa kasus ini ke DPR. Kami akan menyelesaikannya,” ujar Nudirman.
Sengketa yang terjadi di antara kedua perusahaan itu berawal pada tahun 2000. Ketika itu, Kumpulan Guthrie Berhad ingin mengakuisisi aset PT. Holdico Perkasa yang telah diambil alih Badan Penyehatan Perbankan Nasional (BPPN). Untuk memuluskan langkahnya mengakuisisi PT Holdico Perkasa berikut anak pe­rusahaan dan aset-aset berupa perkebunan sawit di sejumlah kota, Kumpulan Guthrie Berhad menggunakan PT Adhiyasa se­ba­gai mediator. Dalam perjanjian, disebutkan Guthrie Ber­had akan memberikan komisi sebesar tujuh persen dari nilai transaksi.
Guthrie yang awalnya adalah perusahaan berbendera Inggris adalah salah satu perusahaan tua papan atas di Malaysia. Berdiri pada tahun 1821 di wilayah yang sekarang dikenal sebagai Singapura. Pada tahun 1981 pemerintahan Mahathir Mohamad mengambil alih Guthrie dan menjadikannya sebagai perusahaan yang 100 persen sahamnya dipegang dan dikendalikan pemerintah Malaysia. Pengambilalihan ini memungkinkan Malaysia memperoleh kembali lahan pertanian seluar 800 kilometer persegi yang dikuasai Guthrie.
Pada tahun 1987, Guthrie dija­dikan perusahaan publik dan terdaftar sebagai salah satu peru­sahaan papan atas di Bursa Efek Kuala Lumpur. Pada tahap berikutnya, pemerintah Malaysia menggabungkan Guthrie dengan dua perusahaan sejenis lainnya, Sime Darby dan Golden Hope, dan memberikan nama baru untuk Synergy Drive dan kemu­dian Sime Darby. Kini, Sime Darby merupakan perusahaan ter­besar di Malaysia, juga merupakan perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang perkebunan terbesar di dunia dengan lahan seluas 540 ribu hektar.
Kembali ke proses akuisisi PT Holdico dan asetnya di tahun 2000. Belakangan, setelah proses akuisisi yang dimediasi PT. Adhiyasa Saranamas berhasil dilakukan, Kumpulan Guthrie Berhad ingkar janji atau wanprestasi. Mereka enggan membayar komisi yang menjadi hak PT. Adhiyasa Saranamas dan dengan sengaja mengulur-ulur waktu.
Untuk mendapatkan haknya, PT Ahiyasa Saranamas menempuh berbagai proses hukum, mulai dari Pengadilan Negeri Jakarta Selatan, Pengadilan Tinggi Jakarta, sampai kasasi di Mahkamah Agung RI. Dalam semua proses pengadilan itu PT. Adhi­yasa menderita kekalahan telak.
Di tahun 2007, berbekal berbagai dokumen yang lebih lengkap dan alat bukti baru, PT. Adhiyasa Saranamas menga­jukan Peninjauan Kembali (PK) sebagai langkah hukum terakhir ke MA. PK ini dikabulkan MA dalam putusan perkara bernomor 410 PK/PDT/2007 tertanggal 22 Januari 2008. MA memerintahkan Kumpulan Guthrie Berhad untuk memenuhi kewajiban mereka memberikan komisi kepada PT. Adhiyasa Saranamas, juga harus membayar bunga sebesar enam persen.
Tetapi Guthrie masih enggan untuk membayarkan kewajiban mereka. “Dalam praktik hukum kita, pembayaran kewajian bisa dilakukan secara voluntary atau paksa lewat pengadilan. Dalam kasus klien kami, Kumpulan Guthrie berhad jelas tidak mau melakukannya secara sukarela,” ujar Daniel Alfredo, kuasa hukum PT. Adhiyasa Saranamas kepada Rakyat Merdeka kemarin petang.
Maka, PT. Adhiyasa Sara­na­mas pun kembali menempuh jalan hukum. Kali ini kepada PN Jakarta Selatan. PT. Adhiyasa Saranamas mengajukan permo­honan sita aset. Permohonan ini dipenuhi, dan PN Jakarta Selatan pun berkoordinasi dengan dua Pengadilan Negeri dimana aset yang hendak dieksekusi berada, yaitu PN Kota Ba­ru, Kalimantan Tengah, dan PN Sampit, Kalimantan Selatan.
Tetapi di dua wilayah ini, Kumpulan Guthrie kembali melakukan perlawanan. Kali ini dengan menggerakkan anak-anak perusahaan eks PT. Holdico Perkasa yang sesungguhnya sudah menjadi bagian dari Kumpulan Guthrie Berhad sejak akuisisi 2000.
Pengingkaran terus menerus perusahaan milik Kerajaan Malaysia inilah yang kemudian melahirkan tanda tanya besar, apakah di balik ini ada makelar kasus dan mafia hukum yang turut berperan?
“Ini Bisa Jadi Preseden Buruk”
Anggota Komisi III DPR RI dari Partai Golkar Nudirman Munir mengaku heran dengan sikap Pengadilan Negeri Sampit yang menunda eksekusi aset Kumpulan Guthrie Berhad di Sampit dan Kota Baru.
Menurut Nudirman Munir, perintah eksekusi yang dikeluarkan Pengadilan Negeri  ha­rus­lah segera dilakukan. Jangan sampai, sebut mantan pengacara Tommy Soeharto ini, eksekusi jadi terhalang karena ada pihak yang merasa keberatan.
“Apalagi perintah eksekusi ini telah didahului oleh keputusan Peninjauan Kembali (PK) dari Mahkamah Agung. Berarti, ini sudah merupakan putusan hukum yang sangat kuat. Pengadilan Negeri sebagai pelaksana eksekusi harus melaksanakannya. Kalau itu, ini sama dengan pelanggaran aturan,” ujar Nudirman Munir.
Ia juga mempersilakan pihak PT. Adiyasa Saranamas untuk membawa persoalan ini ke ge­dung Senayan. “Ajukan saja kasus ini ke Komisi III DPR yang memang mem­bidangi masalah hukum. Nanti akan kami sam­paikan. Bahwa ada Pengadilan Negeri di daerah, dalam hal ini Sampit dan Kota Baru, yang menolak perintah eksekusi. Ini bisa menjadi preseden buruk kalau dibiarkan,” ujarnya lagi.
“Mereka Jelas Bukan Pihak Ketiga”
Daniel Alfredo, Kuasa Hukum PT. Adhiyasa Saranamas
Perjuangan PT. Adhiyasa Saranamas yang dikadali Kumpulan Guthrie Berhad milik Malaysia dalam mencari keadilan, kembali terhambat. Pasalnya, tiga perusahaan eks PT. Holdico Perkasa yang kini berada di bawah Kumpulan Guthrie Berhad mengajukan perlawanan terhadap perintah sita dan ek­sekusi lahan perkebunan milik Guthrie di Kota Baru dan Sampit.
Ketiga perusahaan itu adalah PT. Teguh Sampurna dan PT. Kridatama Lancar di Sampit serta PT Ladang Rumpun Subur Abadi di Kota Baru. Kuasa Hukum PT. Teguh Sampurna dari kantor pengacara Lubis Ganie Surowidjojo (LGS) mengatakan, kliennya yang memiliki HGU atas lahan sawit di Sampit memiliki hak untuk melakukan perlawanan karena tidak merupakan bagian dari pihak tergugat (Kumpulan Guthrie Berhad). Dengan kata lain, menurut PT. Teguh Sampurna, aset yang hendak dieksekusi bukanlah milik Kum­pulan Guthrie Berhad, melainkan milik mereka.
Alasan ini, menurut pengacara PT. Adhiyasa Saranamas, Daniel Alfredo, sangat dibuat-buat. Pasalnya, dalam praktik hukum Indonesia yang disebut pelawan adalah pihak ketiga murni. Sementara PT. Teguh Sampurna bukan merupakan pihak ketiga murni, karena merupakan bagian dari PT. Holdico Perkasa yang diakuisisi Kumpulan Guthrie Berhad tahun 2000 lampau.
“Jadi, dengan demikian pengakuan mereka bahwa mereka adalah pihak ketiga murni, sudah terbukti tidak tepat,” ujar Daniel Alfredo.
Hal lain yang membuat kecewa kliennya, masih ujar Daniel Alfredo, adalah karena perlawanan yang disampaikan PT. Teguh Sampurna telah mengganggu proses eksekusi. Padahal, dalam aturan hukum yang berlaku, proses perlawanan yang disampaikan mestinya tidak meng­gang­gu eksekusi yang telah ditetapkan oleh pengadilan.
“Nyatanya, proses perlawanan mereka membuat eksekusi terganggu. Entah karena ada intervensi atau karena ada kekhawatiran PN Sampit dan Kota Baru karena Kumpulan Guthrie Berhad adalah perusahaan raksasa, kami tidak tahu,” tegasnya. -- Rakyat Merdeka, 23 June 2010