Thursday, November 25, 2010

PKR polls: Proof of phantom voters in Kota Raja

By B Nantha Kumar

FMT EXCLUSIVE KLANG: From the onset, the PKR polls has been plagued with allegations of fraud. And now, new evidence has emerged of phantom voters in one of the party's biggest divisions.

In the Kota Raja division's electoral list furnished to FMT, there were some 150 “dubious” names. The division has nearly 8,000 members.

A check revealed that names and addresses of voters had been duplicated with only two digits of their MyKad numbers changed.
Even the name of Kota Raja division head and state exco Dr Xavier Jayakumar's daughter, Sangetha, appeared twice on the list.

Her party membership number was listed as B200002602 while her MyKad number was 830303-07-5820. The same name appeared again, with the party membership number B200002460 and MyKad number 830303-07-5020.

While there was no address listed for the first Sangetha, the subsequent mention of her name had the following address: No 6, Jln Serunai 14 Taman Klang Jaya. The same address appeared for Jayakumar on the electoral list.

In another case, the name Sivanesan s/o Ramalu appeared three times with the party membership numbers -- B200002995, B200003108 and B200003843.
While all three had the same address -- 37, Jalan 41 Kawasan 3, Taman Klang Jaya, Klang -- there were minor differences in the MyKad numbers: 691004-10-6749, 691004-19-6749 and 691004-10-6745.

Despite the name Sivanesan denoting that it was a male, the list had cited him as female twice.

First she's Indian, then Malay

Another case of duplication was Nur Sakinah Abdullah. In the first mention of her name, she was cited as an Indian. Her party membership number was B200005529 and MyKad number 580324-10-5014. Her address was stated as 13A, Block 3Q, Jalan Iklim 25/83, Taman Sri Muda.

In the second instance, where she was cited as a Malay, Sakinah's membership number was B200007137 and MyKad number 851016-14-5454. Her address was13A Block 3Q,Jalan Sabah 25/83, Taman Sri Muda.

However, a check revealed that there was no Jalan Sabah in Taman Sri Muda.

Party sources claimed that these suspicious entries proved the existence of phantom voters in the PKR election.

The party cannot just dismiss these discrepancies as typing errors, because there are just too many names which have been duplicated.

“The differences in MyKad numbers, addresses and the spelling of fathers' names were done deliberately to confuse the central election committee,” said a division leader, who declined to be named.

He alleged that certain quarters had manipulated the polls to ensure victory for themselves.

The Kota Raja division polls, held last month, was mired in controversy after Jayakumar was alleged to have used dirty tactics to win the division chairman's post. His challengers also claimed that they have been assaulted by Jayakumar's men.

The dispute had eventually led to a 66-hour delay in confirming the new division chief, with Jayakumar's rivals accusing the party's election committee and secretariat siding with the state exco member.

source : http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/fmt-english/politics/pakatan-rakyat/12746-pkr-polls-proof-of-phantom-voters-in-kota-raja

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