Monday, December 13, 2010

You don't have to pay income tax if you do not support BN

YES! That is the message that I understand from the news paper clipping below. DPM Tan Sri MuhyiddinYassin said allocation from EVERYBODY's tax money will only be channeled to BN MP's constituencies only. If my area is under Pakatan Rakyat then why should I pay my income tax? Just get the BN supporters pay their income tax as only BN MP's could enjoy it!

What is our DPM trying to tell the people? Is he saying if you want the money then vote BN? But what I understand is he is telling is that BN is a very unfair party with narrow minded leaders. Do you want him to be our next PM? I don't think so!

For Muslims, we can channel our income tax to Zakat, atleast it will be in safer hands. But for non-Muslim, what alternatives do they have? Don't pay your income tax and the face legal actions? Hmm... very clever BN government! But their mind are very short sighted, they only take one thing at a time and do not plan and forecast its long term effect. In long term, the policy will just kill them! and that is really good for the opposition! Thank you Tan Sri!


(The Star) - Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has shot down a request that the Federal Government extend development funds to Opposition MPs.

The Deputy Prime Minister said the funds were only meant for small projects in Barisan Nasional MP’s constituencies.

“They use it to finance small projects, like roads.

“It is only allocated to Govern­ment MPs ... the Barisan MPs,” he said in a press con­ference after open­ing the 36th annual general con­f­erence of the Penin­sular Malaysia Fede­ration of Peng­hulu and Peng­g­awa here yesterday.

He said providing the funds to Barisan MPs had been a practice of the Federal Government and there was no intention to extend it to Opposition MPs.

Muhyiddin was respon­ding to a request from Selangor Exco Dr Yaakob Safari that the allo­cation be given to Opposition MPs as well.

Dr Yaakob, who was representing Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim at the function, said Opposition MPs should also enjoy the allocation as they were elected by the people.

“I would like to ask the Deputy Prime Minister to bring this matter to the attention of the Prime Minister’s Office.

“The Federal Government should be fair in its treatment including extending the allocation to all states ruled by Pakatan Rakyat,” he said when reading Khalid’s speech.

At this juncture, the delegates, numbering about 300, started to jeer Dr Yaakob.

He however continued reading from his text which criticised the Federal Government including the formation of the village security and development committee.

Muhyiddin said the Federal Government continued to channel development allocations to states that it lost in the 2008 General Election.

Selangor, for example, though it is already a developed state, the Federal Government still provides allocations.

“That is why we have Datuk Ghani (Salleh, Federal Secretary in Selangor) here to ensure the money is spent properly.

“The important thing is the rakyat benefits from the funds.

“If we channel it to the Mentri Besar, I wonder how he would spend it,” Muhyiddin said.

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