Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Another false charged courts case involving BPR and PETRONAS

The letter below is extracted from a posting in Din Merican's Blog..


Assamualaikum En. Din Merican,

In brief. I read your recent article with interest.

Earlier I am not politically motivated but just an ordinary citizen who like Anwar Ibrahim and Rosli Dahlan has been charged by the government on a false charge. My mistake was I believed in the government system for justice. It is for abused of power with indirect interest under Section 15A by BPR. Our cases are not only similar, there is a trend.
I was previously a Senior Officer in Petronas of 19 years and was identified to be a black sheep to hike prices for the purchase of Petrol Station Land during 2000. After 6 months I make a U turn and report to my management and in August 2001 I was sacked.

I now alleged the prices was hiked to be dispersed for very important  VIP and interested individuals. I was informed by a Petronas dealer not to worry as BPR is on our side. I presumed they are from political parties.

My grievances on police efficiency to Malaysiankini and Media Keadilan was met with a RM 1 (One) million defamation suit from Petronas in 2005 which never kicked off until today. Petronas has a court injunction against me.

On 4/6/2006 I was arrested by BPR, however my 6 complaints to BPR was not investigated.  The outcome of my last police report is still pending where Petronas individuals have deceived 4 police investigations.

My industrial case is very funny where justice did not prevail. The judges were changed in the 11th hour. In the Industrial Court my subpoenas including my witnesses and documents was strike off by the new judge after being issued by the previous judge. My appeal in the Court was rejected by a new judge change in the 11th hour. My civil suit against Petronas was strike off because of the BPR case.

Clearly the BPR case was used to tarnish my name in the industrial and civil courts. I can prove in Court that the actual criminals are the  BPR  I.O. and mala fide witnesses who are mostly from UMNO and Eonbank. BPR documents submitted have been change and tampered to build a case against me. I was threatened by the BPR PP in front of my solicitor and the Court administrator that if I proceed with the case I will be arrested. She said I should instruct my lawyer to submit an affidavit to throw out the case. I am very sad with the threat as I want the trial to proceed in order to clear my name.

There are now 3 police reports made by me on perjury by 2 of their mala fide witnesses. I am now waiting for the BPR I.O. & Eonbank staffs to be in the witness stand.

In this case my only mistake was giving friendly loans and other assistance to a bogus company under a Vendor Development Programme and trying to prevent a white collar from UMNO individuals. My BPR case will commence on 7-9/7/2010 on Wednesday in Criminal Session Court 7. My third lawyer cannot attend this time as he has to attend a High Court trial which was fixed much later then my trial. If on worse scenario I will present myself. It is so frustrating with the country system.

Tomorrow (yesterday) I will be at Jalan Duta to distribute public documents for the alternative medias as my only hope to expose these irregularities.  I have waited patiently since 2001 and have digested and dwell into the issues.

I did not surface due to the court injunction and now have enough public documents to implicate that BPR can be used as a tools by invincible hands including the former BPR Ketua Pengarah (Zulkifli) who has 3 petrol stations and Timbalan Pengarah BPR Selangor who has one petrol station.  Article from Salahudin Ayub and Gobind Deo in Harakah. So there is a lot truth from the Petronas dealer stated above.

I CAN BE CONTACTED AT 012-4107522.
I seek any assistance that can be given to me and have no objection for anyone to print my story as I do not have the contacts.


Abdul Jabbar bin Mohammad

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