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Interview of Mr. Balasubramanian a/l Perumal By French Police/French Lawyer

The French investigator appeared to be very familiar with the events in Malaysia relating to the Altantunya murder. The interview however centered on the scorpene submarine deal and the alleged commission paid in connection with that. 

Police Interview
Date of interview: 12.7.2010
Time of interview: 2 pm. Interview took 3 hours.
Place of interview: Direction Centrale de la Police Judiciare DNIF, Nanterre, Paris

Interviewed by Mr. M. Ryckewaert assisted by English interpreter and another lady officer. Interview conducted in French through English interpreter.

Observation: The French investigator appeared to be very familiar with the events in Malaysia relating to the Altantunya murder. The interview however centered on the scorpene submarine deal and the alleged commission paid in connection with that.

The following were the areas covered in the interview.

1.            My background [including date and place of birth] and my occupation ranging from time I was with Malaysian police to time when I became a private investigator in 1998.

2.            The validity of my PI license.

3.            The whole story as to how I was recruited to do a job for Razak Baginda and my interview before the job done by Mr. Dhirren Norendra, a lawyer practicing in Kuala Lumpur. I was questioned about the scope of my assignment, the target and objectives of my assignment.

4.            The background to the Altantunya murder. I briefed them of the events 4eading up to and after the murder and also told them to read my first SD and the Singapore interview. Also the identity of the two police officers convicted of the murder, who they worked for as well as the identity of the various other people identified as being about when Altantunya disappeared and their link to Baginda and/or the PM.

5 .            Razak  Baginda’s relationship with our present PM, the information and events narrated to me by Baginda including the sms sent by the PM to Baginda at the point of his arrest for the murder of  Altantunya.

6.            The Malaysian company, Perimekar, its ownership, and link to Baginda and his wife. Also nature of business undertaken by Perimeker. I told them of the presence of army equipment in Baginda’s office. Information concerning Razak Baginda and his present whereabouts.

7.            Financial payments by Razak Baginda to Altantuya including the three US$5K payments by Baginda to Altantunya including a penalty of US$1K because late banking in. Also the purchase by Razak Baginda of an apartment in Mongolia for Altantunya. Also the background to US$500K payment demanded by Altantunya, its background, how it arose, its link to the Scorpene submarine deal, Altanunya’s involvement in the negotiations and admission and confirmation by Baginda that he should have paid Altantunya the money.

8.            How Rosmah Mansor teamed up with Deepak to exile me from Malaysia, the
threats to my family after I signed the first SD as well as the involvement of the PM’s brother in the events that led to the 2nd SD and my being smuggled out of Malaysia and asked to stay away till Najib became PM.

9.            I was asked to retrace the events in Rawang coffee house where Deepak, Dinesh  and ASP Suresh were present.

10.            The length and time I have in exile.

11.            Details concerning Altantunya’s cousin. Ammy, who had knowledge of the Paris
 dinner where the PM and Razak Baginda were present with Altantunya.

12.            The identity of French individuals involved in the Scorpene deal.

13.            My knowledge of any payments by the French to Perimekar and information given to me by Altantunya that her US$500K was because of the successful deal concerning the Scorpene submarine transaction.

14.            The identity, background and involvement of two Malaysians identified as Major Rahim and Abdul Rahim bin Saad.

15.            Altantuya’s family background.

16.            My links with Suaram, if any.

17.            The need for justice to be served for the Altantunya murder and the truth to be told concerning the Scorpene deal.

I signed the statement that the French officer recorded.

Meeting with the French Lawyer

I also met with Mr. Joseph Breham, a French lawyer acting for Suaram, on 13.7.2010 at 10 a.m. at his office at Cabinet Bourdon-Voituriez-Burget, 156 Rue e Rivoli, Paris.


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