Friday, April 6, 2012

Electoral Roll: If you can’t clean it up then let us demolish it!

It has been many many years and many many General Elections in Malaysia and the issue of unreliable eligible voter listing (Electoral Roll) is still a big issue. The Election Commission (EC) has been cleaning it up for many years and yet it is still dirty. Bersih 2.0 is over and Bersih 3.0 is coming soon but I believe till Bersih 10.0 the issue of illegal voters will never end. If it is too difficult to clean it up, then let us get rid of it! Yes, we get rid of the existing voter listing. It is not that difficult, just hit the DELETE key on the server’s keyboard and all will be history! But what’s next?

Then, it is EC’s job to re-register back those who are interested to be an eligible legal voter (if he wishes to be a voter) or we can make everybody above 21 years old to be auto-registered as an eligible legal voter. Surely we need to have a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) available before we can re-register them. This SOP is crucial to ensure that the new list is 1000% clean. I believe this is a much simpler process in order to clean up the Electoral Roll compared to the current EC never ending clean up exercise which is very tedious as we need to clean up dead voters, illegal voters, duplicate voters, duplicate addresses, multiple voters in 1 home address, etc.

This exercise should put an end to the illegal voters issue and will make everybody happy. The EC would be proud of the new clean Electoral Roll. The government would be proud that it has finally successfully cleaned up the illegal voters listing which has been a long time issue. The opposition would be happy that now they have a better chance to win the general election. And the people would be very happy too as they now know that they can finally have a possibly fair general election.

Why do we need our MPs to fight each other over a never ending battle to clean up the Electoral Roll? We can easily put an end to it if we just try to do it differently and to think out of the box. If we can’t do it now since the time is too limited, the next government (doesn’t matter whether it is still BN or PR) should make this possible. To delete the existing list will only take 1 second and we can surely re-register everybody before PRU14, 4 years to re-register all voters is a lot of time.

The Minister would say that the law won’t allow us to get rid of the existing list and to create a new clean database. If he says so, like he used to whenever there is an issue over the government’s integrity, then he should not be sitting in the Minister’s chair anymore. Our beloved PM is talking about Transformation and this is what transformation is all about. It is about creating a better Malaysia for the Malaysian! The law was invented by human beings and it will never be perfect! We need to keep improving it so that we can have a better life, a better society and the best country!  

If we still do not see a clean Electoral Roll by PRU 14, then it is a pure 1000% proof that the government of the day is not interested to have a clean Electoral Roll. And it is also a proof that our elected MPs are just wasting their precious time fighting for it since many many years ago. It also means that the people of Malaysia have also been wasting our time and money to hold the general election every 5 years since more than 50 years ago! It will also mean that this is the end of democracy in Malaysia!


Anonymous said...

UMNO will ask, "How can we win if the electoral roll is clean?".

Geronimo said...

At least PERKASA will stop calling all BERSIH leaders and supporters "traitors", when they are no better themselves.